Aesthetics and Wellness

The next floor up is the home of our Aesthetics and Wellness at Mirrored – The House of Aesthetics and Wellness. The cutting-edge technologies and wellness knowledge here provide a full range of revolutionary therapies tailored for you. This floor encompasses the following services:

  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Experience smooth, lasting results with our laser hair removal treatments.
  • CHEMICAL PEEL: Renew your skin’s radiance with our rejuvenating chemical peel sessions.
  • INJECTABLE FILLER: Restore volume and youthfulness with our injectable filler procedures.
  • MICRONEEDLING: Stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate your skin with microneedling.
  • PRP THERAPY FOR HAIR LOSS: Revitalize hair growth with platelet-rich plasma therapy
  • SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION: Achieve the illusion of hair density with scalp micropigmentation.


Boost wellness and vitality with our intravenous drip therapy.Intravenous Vitamin Therapy (IV Therapy) plays a crucial role in balancing electrolytes, replenishing fluid levels, and supplying essential micronutrients to enhance and maintain immune functions.

This therapy not only promotes health and well-being but also serves as a regenerative treatment. With potent concentrations of vital vitamins and minerals, IV Therapy surpasses traditional oral supplements in effectiveness.

The benefits of this treatment include overall wellness improvement and a higher quality of life. IV Therapy offers a diverse range of advantages for medical conditions and elective health enhancement.

We specialize in tailored IV Therapy, with our team skilled in both conventional and functional medicine, providing expertise in various IV therapies such as hydration, nutritional support, and innovative intravenous treatments.

MIRRORED is now offering IV spa for our patients to unwind and rejuvenate at the same time.


  • ENDOSCOPY (COLONOSCOPY AND GASTROSCOPY): Ensure digestive health with our endoscopy services.
  • Aesthetician: Receive expert skincare and solutions through our custom treatment services.
  • SKIN ANALYSIS: Personalized insights and solutions through advanced skin analysis machine
  • MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Elevate your skincare with premium medical-grade products.
  • HYPERPIGMENTATION/MELASMA TREATMENT: Target and treat skin discoloration with specialized hyperpigmentation/melasma treatments.
  • WELLNESS+ SCREENINGS: Basic screenings tailored for nutritional health, skincare, and well-being. It covers:
  • Examine for health problems.
  • Determine your potential for future health issues
  • Promote an active lifestyle.
  • WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT: Achieve your health goals with personalized wellness weight loss Management.
  • ALLERGY TESTING: Identify and manage allergies through precise Allergy Testing.
  • BODY PIERCING: Express your style with our professional Body Piercing services.
  • EAR PIERCING: Elevate your look with our precision Ear-piercing service
  • EDUCATION: Empower yourself with educational resources for wellness insights. Enhance your skills with accredited training for beauty and wellness.
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